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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the LEIP! week?
LEIP! stands for: 'Leeuwarden First Year Introduction Period’. The Dutch word LEIP also means weird/crazy. The LEIP! week is the general introduction period for all first year university students in Leeuwarden. During this week you will meet a lot of new students, maybe even new friends and you will get to know all aspects of Leeuwarden and student life, such as sports, culture and student associations.
Who organizes LEIP!?
LEIP! is organized by an introduction board consisting of five students together with five committees, which also consist of students. They are supported by employees of Leeuwarden Student City.

Who can participate in the LEIP! week?
LEIP! is intended for all first-year students of NHL Stenden, Van Hall Larenstein and the University of Groningen / Campus Fryslân. The master students who come to Leeuwarden are also welcome. LEIP! can also be visited by international students (if you are an international student, you can be placed in a 'mixed group': a group with Dutch and English students).
Where can I register for LEIP!

You can register via this website in the section "Tickets".

We have different types of tickets on sale:

  • LEIP! Week (August 16h - 19th) including LEIP! Festival on the 16th of August
  • LEIP! Week (August 16th - 19th)
  • LEIP! Festival (the 16th of August)

The LEIP! Week is meant for first year students, the LEIP! Festival is open to everyone. What we like to say; the more people at a festival the more fun it is, right?

We will have early bird tickets for sale that give you a big discount. But please note: full = full so don't wait too long to buy your ticket!

Till when can i buy tickets?

Tickets for the LEIP! Week for freshmen are on sale until Monday, the 16th of August. For the LEIP! Festival You can also buy tickets online until Monday the 16th of August, but there is a maximum number of tickets available. So don't wait too long to buy!

How can I pay for my ticket?
You can pay for your ticket very easily without transaction costs through iDEAL. We also support credit cards, bancontact and SofortBanking, but you do pay a small surcharge for this. Those transaction costs are automatically stated at checkout.
How do I receive my ticket and info for the LEIP! Week?
You will receive your ticket immediately after checkout. Keep it somewhere safe, because it is your key to an unforgettable introduction week! All information about the LEIP! Week and LEIP! festival you will receive from us through e-mail a week before it starts.
Will I be placed in a group with students from the same course?
Because LEIP! is a general introduction week, we have chosen to base the group classification on interest. In addition, studies often organize their own introduction period in the first week of your study, so you will get to know your fellow students fast enough! During LEIP! Monday you will be in a group during the day with students from your own study course.
Are there sleeping arangements?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a place to sleep during this introduction period. If you have not yet found a room in Leeuwarden or are not moving into your own room, you could ask a senior to sleep there. The activities of LEIP! Week continue until 11:00 PM. Check the travel times of public transport in advance, or provide an alternative way to get home if you do not (yet) live in Leeuwarden.
What can i do at LEIP! ?
During LEIP! you will get to know all aspects of Leeuwarden. We pay attention to general information about moving in to your student room and studying. You can also get acquainted with all kinds of cultural, sports, study and social associations in Leeuwarden. And ofcourse there is music, information about the city, work and many other aspects that are relevant to students. On Monday evening we immediately start BIG with the LEIP! Festival, which attracts about 6,000 visitors.
Is LEIP! comparable to a hazing?
No, far from it! LEIP! is only fun. It is a week full of information, activities and parties. LEIP! is in short a general introduction week to get to know Leeuwarden.
Information about LEIP!
Most information can be obtained from our website In addition, you can "like" us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and you will be kept informed of all ins and outs regarding LEIP!. If you still have a question that you cannot find an answer to, you can mail to
The LEIP! Week is for all new HBO students in the city of Leeuwarden
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