Who is behind all this?

The LEIP! Intro is organized by Leeuwarden Student City and a group of enthusiastic students who help organize this introduction week for their studies.

There are many other organizations involved in this introduction period. For example, we have short lines with the colleges and universities, their study associations and the student associations in Leeuwarden. They have a large share in Leeuwarden student life and also participate in the program. In addition, we work closely with the pubs, sports clubs, brokers, event organizations and various catering companies from the city.

Together with all these organizations and parties, we ensure that the new introduction period will be the best start to the student life of the new students!

Do you also want to contribute during the introductory period itself? You can! Take a quick look at the vacancies for LEIP! Host and LEIP! Crew we have.