General Terms and Conditions

Version May 2024

Article 1: Definitions 

In these general terms and conditions, the following definitions shall apply: 

a. Offer: any offer by LSC to enter into an Agreement;
b. Participant: the natural person who is not acting in the exercise of his profession or business and who obtains access to or participates in the events organized by LSC;
c. Event: all events organized by LSC in the context of the LEIP! Intro, of whatever nature, which are organized by LSC and to which the Participant obtains access and/or in which the Participant participates, including but not limited to the LEIP! Intro and the LEIP! festival;
d. House Rules: has the meaning set forth in Article 7;
e. LSC: the Leeuwarden Student City Foundation, based in (8971 DD) Leeuwarden at Rengerslaan 1, registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 01086874 with the email address and telephone number 058-3030180, being the user of the Terms and Conditions;
f. Agreement: any agreement concluded between the Parties and relating to the Events;
g. Party(ies): LSC and the Participant or each for himself;
h. Wristband: has the meaning as mentioned in Article 4;
i. Written: by letter, e-mail or bailiff's writ;
j. Ticket: an (admission) ticket for the Participant that grants the Participant access to an Event;
k. Conditions: the present general conditions of LSC; 

Article 2: Applicability 

2.1 These Conditions are applicable to all Offers made by LSC to the Participant and to all Agreements between LSC and the Participant, as well as to all resulting and subsequent obligations.
2.2 Deviations from and/or additions to the Agreement shall only be effective if and insofar as they have been expressly agreed between Parties in Writing and shall only relate to the Agreement concerned. Such a deviation and/or addition has no precedential effect. The Participant cannot derive any rights from this for any future Agreements.
2.3 In the event of nullity or annulment by the Participant of one or more provisions of the Conditions, the other provisions of the Conditions will remain fully applicable to the Agreement. Parties will in consultation replace a void or annulled provision of the Conditions by a provision which is valid or non-annullable and which corresponds as closely as possible to the purpose and meaning of the void or annulled provision. 

2.4 To the extent that an Agreement deviates from one or more provisions of the Conditions, the provisions of the Agreement shall prevail. The other provisions of the Conditions will in that case remain applicable to the Agreement.
2.5 If translations of these Conditions have been issued, the version in the Dutch language will prevail over the version(s) in any other language. 

Article 3: Formation and execution of Agreements 

3.1 Subject to the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions, an Agreement is only concluded by purchasing a Ticket via the website by means of a fully completed registration form and after the Participant has paid the amount of the Ticket (in full);
3.2 The Agreement replaces and supersedes all previous proposals, correspondence, agreements, or other communications between the Parties that have taken place prior to entering into the Agreement, however they may deviate from or conflict with the Agreement.
3.3 Undertakings by and agreements with subordinates or representatives of LSC, or third parties hired by LSC, shall only bind LSC towards the Participant if and insofar as these undertakings and/or agreements have been ratified or confirmed in writing by LSC to the Participant. 

Article 4: Access to an Event 

4.1 After the Participant has concluded an Agreement with LSC, the Participant will receive a Ticket. Upon presentation of this Ticket and possibly - if LSC asks the Participant to do so - after the presentation of a valid ID and/or Written proof that the Participant is studying at a participating educational institution or has received an explicit invitation from LSC to participate in the Event, the Participant will receive an admission ticket and an 18+ or 18- Wristband.
4.2 Entry to an Event is open to Participants only, upon presentation of an entry ticket and if the Participant is wearing the Wristband.
4.3 It is possible that, for certain Events, LSC may request the Participant to make a separate registration as an additional condition. The Participant will be informed of this in advance.
4.4 The Participant must show the required ticket at LSC's request.
4.5 LSC is entitled to refuse the Participant admission to an Event and/or exclude further participation in an Activity without a Participant being entitled to a refund of the amount already paid if: 

a. the Participant, before the Agreement was concluded, has provided information contrary to the truth;
b. the Participant does not comply and/or acts contrary to the Agreement, the Conditions or the House Rules that apply to the Event in question;
c. the Participant does not present the ticket as mentioned in Article 4.4 or the Participant does not wear the wristband during an Event as mentioned in Article 4.2. 

Article 5: Resale and right of withdrawal 

5.1. The Participant only has the option of reselling a Ticket via Other forms of resale are not permitted and will result in the invalidation of the Ticket without the Participant having any right to a refund of the purchase price.
5.2. The right of withdrawal does not apply, as the exception from Article 6:230p sub e of the Dutch Civil Code applies. 

Article 6: Payment 

6.1. Payment is made by iDEAL or by credit card.
6.2. If payment has not been made in full within the stipulated period, the Participant will immediately be in default and LSC will be entitled to put the Ticket back on sale without further notice to the Participant. After the expiry of these fourteen (14) days, the Participant shall no longer claim any right (to a refund of the purchase price) towards LSC. 

Article 7: House rules 

7.1. The Participant must at all times comply with the House Rules of LSC and/or the Event. The House Rules are part of the Agreement and the Conditions.
7.2. The House Rules read as follows: 

a. Participants must be at least 16 years of age or older to participate in the Event, unless LSC has given express Written permission for the Participant who is younger than 16 to participate in the Event.
b. Participants may be searched at the entrance to an Event;
c. Participants must cooperate with LSC's request to show valid identification and/or Written proof that the Participant is studying at a participating educational institution or has received an explicit invitation from LSC to participate in the Event;
d. Participants under 18 years of age may not purchase and/or consume alcohol at an Event;
e. Participants over the age of 18 may not provide alcohol to Participants under the age of 18.
f. Participants may not bring food, alcohol, liquor, bottles, cans, glassware, fireworks and/or drugs onto the premises of an Event, as well as chairs, coolers, deodorant, nail files, scissors, sticks, umbrellas and/or other sharp and dangerous objects;
g. The possession and/or dealing of soft and/or hard drugs is prohibited. If violated, the police will be notified. All soft and hard drugs will be confiscated;
h. Participants wearing shirts and/or clothing with specific expressions of nationalistic signs or football/motorcycle clubs are not allowed and will be refused;
i. On and around the premises of an Event, Participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the organization, security, medical team and/or other parties involved in the Event;
j. Participants may not exchange the Wristband with a Wristband of another Participant, cut or otherwise defraud and/or damage the Wristband.
k. Participants are aware that during the Event provided music can be played and that the Participant should take hearing protective measures, such as hearing protection.
l. Participants shall not engage in inappropriate or undesirable behavior, including but not limited to bullying, violence or aggression to violence, sexual harassment and/or discrimination.
m. Participants may not damage or otherwise deface objects, props and/or stages at an Event. 

Article 8: Force Majeure 

8.1. If there is a case of force majeure and an Event does not take place as a result of force majeure, LSC will, if possible, move the Event to another location or date or make a change in the program of the Event. The Ticket will remain valid for the new location, program and/or date.
8.2. Force majeure includes in any case and not exclusively (i) illness and/or cancellation of artists, (ii) strikes, (iii) pandemics, (iv) government measures and/or (v) (bad) weather conditions.
8.3. If an Event cannot take place at all as a result of force majeure or if the Participant is prevented from attending on the date to which the Event has been rescheduled as a result of the force majeure as mentioned in article 8.1, the Participant has the right to return the Ticket within a period of time set by LSC and/or to return it to LSC. LSC will refund to the Participant the purchase price of the Ticket. The Participant shall not be entitled to any compensation other than the refund of the purchase amount. 

Article 9: Liability 

9.1. Participation in an Event is entirely at your own risk. LSC is not liable for loss, damage and/or theft of property or the manner in which artists at the Event give substance to their performance.
9.2. If there is a shortcoming by LSC and if the Participant suffers damage as a direct result of this shortcoming, LSC shall only be liable for direct damage as a result of participation in the Event by the Participant. LSC shall not be liable for indirect damage, such as consequential damage and/or immaterial damage.
9.3. For all cases described in article 9.1 and 9.2, LSC shall only have to compensate a damage amount from the Participant up to the amount actually paid out by LSC's insurer in a given case, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of LSC. LSC shall not be obliged to compensate any other (damage) compensation to the Participant. 

Article 10: Intellectual property 

LSC shall be entitled to take and publish photographs and/or film recordings during an Event for the promotion of an Event. By entering into an Agreement with LSC, the Participant gives permission to publish the photographs and/or film recordings on LSC's websites and/or social media channels. 

Article 11: Applicable law 

All agreements concluded by LSC shall be governed exclusively by Dutch law. The District Court of Noord-Nederland, location Leeuwarden, shall be competent in case of a dispute between LSC and the Participant.